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Draft Street Pole Banners Policy


Dunedin City Council has approximately 250 street poles on which banners can be positioned, mainly in the central city area and in major suburban shopping areas. Street pole banners add colour and vitality to the city, as well as informing the public of upcoming events.

This policy specifies which types of banners may be displayed on Dunedin’s street poles. In line with the Signs Section of the Dunedin City District Plan, the Council wishes to avoid any unnecessary visual clutter or adverse effects on amenity, townscape or heritage values. Hence, street pole banners are to be limited to those that particularly promote and contribute to celebrating the vitality of the city.

The policy also sets out guidelines for how to apply to the Council for street pole banners, specifications for banners and banner production, and how to arrange the installation and removal of the banners from the street poles.

There are around 10 banner poles within the Waikouaiti and Middlemarch business areas also covered by this policy – the poles are the property of OtagoNet Ltd.



  1. To clarify which types of banners may be displayed on Dunedin’s street poles.
  2. To explain the application process for street pole banners.
  3. To provide specifications for street pole banners and information on how to arrange for them to be produced and installed.

Provisions for Street Pole Banner Display

  1. The following types of banners may be displayed on Dunedin’s street poles:
    • Seasonal banners
    • Banners advertising festivals or events open to the general public
    • Banners promoting civic pride, civic awareness or city promotional campaigns
  2. The following types of banners cannot be displayed on Dunedin’s street poles:
    • Banners that advertise commercial goods or services, or commercial entities
    • Banners that promote political parties or a political message
    • Banners that advertise religious institutions or religious messages
    • Banners that promote fundraising campaigns
    • Banners that promote social campaigns not associated with civic pride or civic awareness
  3. The sum total of any sponsorship logos associated with an event must be restricted to no more than 10% of the surface area of each face of each banner. This restriction does not include:
    • any words associated directly with the naming rights to any event;
    • the Dunedin City Council logo, which may comprise greater than 10% of the surface area of each face of any banner.
  4. The Dunedin City Council reserves the right to require its logo to be displayed on banners for any event for which it is a major contributor.
  5. No street pole banner may be displayed without prior written approval from the Council’s Communications and Marketing Team.
  6. The design and content of any proposed banner must be reviewed by the Council’s Communications and Marketing Team prior to approval being granted, if one or more of the following applies to a banner application:
    • it is from a person or organisation who has not applied for the display of banners before;
    • it is for a new event;
    • it is for a new banner design for an existing event.
  7. No banner may contain any material, whether words or images, which may be deemed offensive or derogatory to any person or persons or organisation.
  8. Banners advertising events may be displayed no more than 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the event, and must be removed no longer than 7 days after the completion of the event.
  9. From a week prior to the Santa Parade (the first Sunday in December) to approximately the 7th January each year, the street poles will be used to display seasonal banners relating to the Christmas period and will not be available for other banners.
  10. The installation and removal of street pole banners must at all times be solely conducted by the Council’s approved contractor.
  11. The installation and removal of street pole banners on poles that are the property of OtagoNet Ltd must be solely conducted by line mechanics authorised to climb OtagoNet poles.
  12. There will be no charge for the use of banner pole sites. However, all costs pertaining to the installation, removal, repair and maintenance of banners are to be met by the banner owners.
  13. The Dunedin City Council accepts no liability for any lost, stolen or damaged banners.
  14. The Dunedin City Council reserves the right, as property owner, to require banner owners to remove any street banners at any stage, or to have them removed at the banner owners’ expense.
  15. Any permitted variation from these policies is solely at the discretion of the Council’s Communications and Marketing Manager.


Application Process for Street Pole Banner Display

Applications to have street pole banners displayed can be made by:


The application must set out the following:


Applications should be submitted at least 3 months prior to the desired banner display period to ensure availability of banner sites.

Applications will generally be treated on a first-in, first-served basis. In the event of a clash, established events are likely to take priority. However, every attempt will be made to accommodate applicants across the range of banner sites available.

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within 10 working days of the completed application being received by the Council.

Banner Specifications

The standard size of each street pole banner is 2.65m x 0.95m (accommodated on FlagTrax banner brackets).

The location of street pole banner sites may be obtained from the Communications and Marketing Department at the Dunedin City Council.

Banners should be constructed of specialist durable materials able to withstand high wind loadings, and that limit any undue stress on the fixed assets. The Dunedin City Council will supply contact details of preferred banner production companies.

Health and Safety standards must be complied with at all times to ensure the safety of the general public.

The Dunedin City Council will supply contact details of its approved contractor for banner installation and removal, along with indicative costs for banner installation and removal.

Banners may be re-used as long as they remain in good physical condition.

Regardless of whether they are to be re-used, all banners should be uplifted from the Council’s approved contractor within one week of their removal from banner sites.